What did you find most helpful or valuable about working together?

I needed a team that could not only guide my initially broad vision for my wedding attire, but also procure and connect me with the right specialists and resources to make it happen. The relief I felt once meeting all of you and getting lead by the hand through all the steps of the process was significant — a huge exhale that calmed and relaxed everything from that point on.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Comfortable and chic.

Is there a story that you can share about working together that would resinate with other brides?

I found The Stylish Bride after feverishly google researching wedding stylists to partner with after my original designer plan fell through. I was really stressed about my timeline (I had spent 2 months working with a designer that was now gone, and only had 2 months left) — so I wasn’t sure if I had enough time or budget to still pursue a custom look for my wedding. After one conversation with Julie, and meeting D and Natalie, I quickly got the sense I had a power team to partner with, and all the pieces — logistics, design, experience, and skill — were available to transform vision and concept into reality.