Julie is a Fairy Godmother for her brides! Of all the possible people you can have to help you during your wedding, Julie and her Stylish Bride team are second only to a wedding planner! Not only is Julie the calm voice in the busy and loud process of planning a wedding, she also makes you look your absolute best! Julie can do everything from assist you in the search for the perfect dress, to outfit the entire bridal party and locate the perfect accessories. Trust me, I know!

For my black-tie, DC society wedding, Julie helped me find my perfect dress, along with several other wedding weekend outfits, schedule and facilitate fittings, find a new tailor for my fiancée’s tuxedo when his fell through, outfit all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, go on the dress search for my mom, and even went so far as to personally fix a snag on my shoes over FaceTime when others couldn’t. There is no one more determined to make you beautiful at your wedding. Not only that but Julie is kind, compassionate, calming, and fierce when needed. For instance, when the company making our groomsmen’ jackets were delayed dangerously close to our date, Julie personally kept day-by-day contact with them to make sure they would be finished and perfect on schedule.

In addition to Julie, there is a wonderful team of ladies that make the show go off perfectly on the day of. They organized everyone’s outfits, steamed and pressed every item, tied bowties, zipped up dresses, strapped and tied shoes, and spritzed perfume, all across over 16 people. We were lucky enough to have a light snowfall during our wedding day, which made for beautiful photos but lots of care on their part. Julie and her ladies carried my dress, made sure the ground was clean before we took photos, and kept me looking fresh, clean and beautiful all night long!

After over a year of working with Julie while planning my wedding, we have become good friends and still talk and see each other when we can. She made the planning process and wedding day stress free, beautiful, and memorable. I could not have done it without her and I tell everyone I know that the Stylish Bride team is vital for a successful and stress free wedding experience. You’d be making a big mistake to forego her expertise, talent, dedication, and service! Like I said, she was my Fairy Godmother and I love her for it!