What did you find most helpful or valuable about working together?

Julie and her team took the time to really learn who we were as a people in order to help us find the right outfits for our special wedding weekend. Being queer, we have a bit of a different and unique style in mind for how we wanted to look on our wedding day. We were really intimidated at first because we knew off the bat we did not want to strictly look for clothes at “wedding boutiques.” Julie and the entire team went above and beyond to connect us with the right people and pieces that were perfect for us – whether that was getting custom kilts made and shipped all the way from Scotland or working with Chanel to secure a piece I never would have been able to get on my own. Furthermore, they were experts in what happens after the clothes themselves were purchased to make sure they fit us to a tee and looked amazing. I felt super confident in everything the tailors were doing because I had the stylish bride advocating for me.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Absolutely radiant and 100% our true selves. I wasn’t worried about how anything would fit or look because the team worked with my every step of the way to make sure everything looked perfect.

Is there a story that you can share about working together that would resinate with other brides?

I was working with a designer on a look that I had picked out prior to working with the Stylish Bride. Once I started looping in the team, I learned very quickly that the outfit tailoring and material were disasters and I needed major advocation with the designer. And a backup outfit! They took the awkward and confrontational piece of communicating with the designer off my plate, which was invaluable. I already had so much going on planning for the wedding that not having to do this was amazing.

Anything else you would like to add?

Having the team with us on our wedding day after months of working together made the weekend even MORE special. To be surrounded by such incredible people that actually helped get me to that point and know that they had everything under control to help me get ready was an amazing feeling.