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“Hiring Julie was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day! Julie accompanied me throughout my dress shopping – putting together full-day itineraries at the most beautiful salons in the city. She made the process feel effortless, working behind the scenes to make me feel like a VIP at every new store.”

– Kaley



destination wedding, bridal styling and wedding day dressers and stylists by The Stylish Bride


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bridal styling by The Stylish Bride


Listen to Willi on The Stylish Bride podcast! Willi shares what her experience was like trying to navigate through COVID, as well as how Julie’s expertise helped her through the process. Join Julie in this episode to hear more about Willi’s enchanting wedding.


The gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, my CUSTOM yellow Naeem Khan, over the top Oscar dress, and playful Naeem fringe dress are ALL attributed to you. It was your vision and amazing taste that brought all of this together, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
CJW wedding day


For my black-tie, DC society wedding, Julie helped me find my perfect dress, along with several other wedding weekend outfits, schedule and facilitate fittings, find a new tailor for my fiancée’s tuxedo when his fell through, outfit all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, go on the dress search for my mom, and even went so far as to personally fix a snag on my shoes over FaceTime when others couldn’t.


I needed a team that could not only guide my initially broad vision for my wedding attire, but also procure and connect me with the right specialists and resources to make it happen. The relief I felt once meeting all of you and getting lead by the hand through all the steps of the process was significant -- a huge exhale that calmed and relaxed everything from that point on.

Danielle B

The Stylish Bride team played such a crucial part in my wedding day and I don’t know what I would have done without them. From steaming everyone’s dresses, helping the bridal party get dressed, and posing everyone properly for pictures, it was perfect. As the bride, I felt completely at ease knowing I had them by my side! I had a really heavy veil and did a first look on top of a mountain that involved taking a gondola up in my gown. Emily was by my side the entire way and made sure everything went seamlessly. Thank you so much for making my day so special!


Aside from finding the perfect planner, finding The Stylish Bride is probably the second most important thing I did during the planning process. She was a joy to work with; taking the best care of my entire family, daughters included. And thanks to her knowledge, experience, and willingness to listen I found my dream dress. Wish we could do it all again!


I truly could not have pictured my wedding day without The Stylish Bride. With a team of 3, The Stylish Bride attended to everyone in the wedding party and ensured all bridesmaids’ dresses were steamed and groomsmen’s bowties were tied perfectly. Of course, not to mention, styling and holding my gown and veil in photos, helping with outfit changes, and laying my train right before I walked down the aisle. Having The Stylish Bride by my side made the day feel even more seamless.


The stylists were right there when I needed to adjust my veil for photos, bustle my dress before the reception, and change into my party dress at the end of the night. Knowing we were in such good hands was a relief for the entire wedding party and allowed us all to enjoy the day without wardrobe worries.


Julie and the entire team went above and beyond to connect us with the right people and pieces that were perfect for us – whether that was getting custom kilts made and shipped all the way from Scotland or working with Chanel to secure a piece I never would have been able to get on my own. Furthermore, they were experts in what happens after the clothes themselves were purchased to make sure they fit us to a tee and looked amazing.

Laura W.

Julie and her team made shopping for a dress so much less daunting - all I had to do was show up! I felt like a movie star! I got compliments all night and absolutely loved my look.
at Beaulieu Garden, Napa Valley wedding, bridal styling by The Stylish Bride


She has knowledge of all body types, ages, and which designers are able to assist with inclusive sizing and alterations. Julie makes sure everything is pulled when you arrive and fitted perfectly by the time you leave, she even checked with my photographer to make sure certain materials would photograph properly. I had the most amazing and helpful experiences with her and her connections at Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, and Monique Lhuillier.


It was an immense relief to know (with complete certainty!) that she had already taken care of all the details (dress, jewelry, shoes, accessories, photos). I would urge every bride to hire her (and have recommended her to all my friends)–she is essential! It was a dream to have her support.


Julie understood the issues we were facing because of my taste vs my daughter's taste and both of us were then able to enjoy this wonderful experience without the stress!


We found it most helpful that Julie orchestrated all of the appointments and fittings; as well, she gave great input during these appointments. We also found it absolutely worthwhile to have one of her amazing team members at our event. It saved the day!


At the outset of the planning process, this felt like something that I maybe didn't "need" - but in hindsight, I couldn't have been more wrong! It removed so much of the stress that I would have felt navigating this world on my own and I can't imagine not having worked with Julie.


I never worried about getting dressed because I knew it would be handled by absolute professionals…. the TSB team were SO incredibly on top of things, and super sweet as well. All my outfits and my husband's outfits (10 looks across 4 days) were perfectly unpacked, steamed, and repacked for us.


You were focused on making sure my vision became a reality, and offered so much great input and morale support along the way. There's something different about working with a wonderful stylist like you, because I knew that all of your opinions were truthful.


Working with Julie, I really felt that I got to see ALL of the options and felt assured that the dress I chose was the absolute perfect one for me! My mom and I had the best time in NYC with Julie going from atelier to atelier. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience!


My mother, godmother, and I had a magical time and were able to focus on celebrating this incredibly special moment together because Julie had thought of every little detail...And getting ready on my wedding day would not have been as enjoyable and seamless without the Stylish Bride team. They were professional and kind and there to take care of my husband and I and our families, anticipating our every need. I could not recommend more having Julie be a part of your wedding team!


I found my dress in less than 3 hours and because of her industry relationships, I was even able to add custom details to my dress-the whole experience felt too good to be true!


Julie is one of the most talented, experienced and genuinely amazing people I have ever met! Her knowledge, her true understanding of individual insecurities, body shape and vibe was amazing. I felt like she got me from the get go.


Working with The Stylish Bride was without a doubt one of the best decisions I made about my wedding. I am several sizes larger than the average bridal sample size, and after a visit to one boutique with just my mom that didn’t go well, I felt discouraged about the possibility of finding a dress that made me feel confident. Enter Julie and a day of appointments at bridal boutiques, each more lovely than the last, and that worry quickly became a distant memory...Something unique and wonderful about The Stylish Bride team is they can be with you from the moment you pick your dress to the moment you walk down the aisle.
The Stylish Bride bride and groom photoshoot at Brush Creek Ranch wedding venue


Julie not only helped me with finding my wedding dress but also helped find my outfits for the rest of the wedding weekend, accessories, mother of the bride dress, groomsmen suits and ties, and worked with us to create custom bridesmaids dresses. We couldn’t be happier with the results.


Having Julie by my side made the wedding dress process truly enjoyable and fun and I was so lucky to have such a patient, kind, hilarious, and knowledgeable ally by my side every step of the way. She knew what questions to ask, helped me visualize potential alterations and made sure that each and every time we stepped into a designer's store I felt confident and well taken care of.
The Stylish Bride wedding clients


The cherry on top, though, was having Julie onsite during the actual wedding weekend. In addition to having her positive energy, camaraderie, and friendship, she literally saved the day
The Stylish Bride client wedding day


I had nothing but peace of mind knowing she was right beside me the entire process. Whenever I wasn’t sure if one of my ideas was possible, Julie made sure it was all possible.
The Stylish Bride wedding day dressers, stylists. Destination wedding in Florence, Italy


We did go to a few stores before I hired Julie and we felt rushed and stressed out. The experienced with Julie was night and day compared to going on our own.
The Stylish Bride wedding day dressers, stylists, ladies in waiting. The Julie dress by Oscar de la Renta, made for The Stylish Bride


She helped make every single decision, every tweak, every piece of embroidery perfect. She made my dream dress come to life. Working with Julie means that the pressures of finding a dress for you in the sea that is the bridal world can completely disappear.


It is VERY worth it to go to someone who is so knowledgeable in the wedding industry and is very familiar with dress types, body types, and has the network to help any bride feel beautiful and STRESS free while in the process. 


Working with Julie was truly a wonderful experience in every way and absolutely elevated my wedding wardrobe aesthetic. Julie made not only wedding dress shopping incredibly enjoyable (I found my dream dress easily), she also helped my shopping-adverse mother put together lovely looks for the whole wedding weekend, and coordinated all the details for my custom bridesmaid dresses.
wedding day photo, The Stylish Bride


Julie is an absolute pleasure to be around and ridiculously well versed in the world of wedding related fashion. So, from the start, she made the whole process to design my look such fun. But specifically, she helped me translate how I knew I wanted to feel in my dress into specific styles and fabrics


On the wedding day, Julie and her team made getting ready easy and enjoyable. Everything was taken care of expertly and her team kept the whole wedding party looking perfect all evening. I could not have asked for a better experience!


Through her relationships with high end bridal salons and consultants she found several boutiques that were willing to work with the timeframe I had (3 weeks!), and I ended up with the dress of my dreams.


Working with Julie was such an organized and efficient way of shopping that made the entire process, from picking my dress to putting it on the day of, run smoothly.
The Stylish Bride wedding day dressers, stylists, ladies in waiting


On my wedding day, Julie and her team made sure every groomsman and bridesmaid were steamed and stitched to perfection. Her team even had to fix two hems and a broken strap
Bridal styling by The Stylish Bride


Julie has exquisite taste and an incredible eye for detail. I was always amazed at the things she noticed and suggestions she made at my fittings. She is so keen and knows exactly what the dress needs to look perfect. I am so grateful to have had Julie by my side.


Once I met Julie, I knew she was the one to bring my style vision to fruition. She was able to articulate my style from the vary start, and she quickly put wheels in motion to manifest my vision into my real life custom wedding dress.
Bridal styling and wedding day dressers by The Stylish Bride


She exceeded my expectations by so so much! Not only did she help me find two wedding dresses, she helped style my engagement shoot


I strongly recommend Julie and the Stylish Bride. Working with Julie is a true joy. She crafts an experience that is productive, seamless and really fun.


Julie made everything so incredible for me throughout every visit I made to NYC. Not only was it so personalized, Julie went above and beyond to find me my perfect dress.


I was overwhelmed by emotions on my wedding day but at least I feel like I looked good!


I came in with a million ideas for my dress, and she helped whittle that down to a realistic set of characteristics that resulted in me finding my dream dress. I also found her ability to unlock doors to secret back-room dress vaults super helpful, and fun!
The Stylish Bride client testimonials, wedding day photoshoot NYC

Carey and Matt

When we finally realized we needed help, we called our wedding planner in a panic. He said, “ You just need to call Julie”. We loved her instantly.


Somehow, Julie pulled off getting the dress made and back to me in a week for a fitting and out to California one week after that for the wedding. If it wasn’t for her, I’m pretty sure I would have been in a dress that I just felt okay in.


Ladies, if I could recommend one bridal related service to you on your wedding day, it would be with the The Stylish Bride!


Julie heard my vision and my challenges and turned that into a reality. In the end, I customized a non-wedding dress and designed bridesmaids dresses from scratch, none of which was the easiest way to go


I felt like I was shopping with a good friend. Another bonus is I think she has excellent taste!! Wedding dresses are very personal and I truly felt like Julie wanted to find a dress that reflected my style.


Finding Julie and her Stylish Bride service saved my Big Day! I am forever thankful for Julie, and cannot recommend her and her team enough.