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Stepping into your first wedding dress fitting can be a mix of excitement and nerves. The anticipation of finally seeing YOUR dress, wondering if it will fit like a dream, and hoping that all the necessary changes have been made can be overwhelming.

By this stage in the wedding preparation journey, you’ve likely heard that you’ll have three fittings, with the first one kicking off about two months before your big day. It’s crucial to schedule these fittings at the salon where you purchased your dress. Their familiarity with the gown and responsibility for the alterations makes them the best choice. Once the dress leaves the salon, they can no longer take responsibility for any mistakes made by others.

As someone who has been a part of countless first fittings, I’m here to guide you through what to expect and share some valuable tips to ensure a smooth and anxiety-free experience.

7 Things to know about your first wedding dress fitting:

1. Be at Your Wedding Weight

Aim to be at your desired wedding weight by the first fitting. Constant fluctuations can pose challenges, especially if your dress features intricate beading or embroidery. Being at the right weight ensures a more accurate fitting.

2. Expect Imperfections

Understand that your dress will not fit perfectly during the first fitting. Most designers create dresses in standard sizes based on your measurements, and adjustments will be made to achieve the perfect fit. Expect it to be too big or slightly small, too long, and in need of nipping and tucking.

3. Essential Items to Bring to the Fitting

Undergarments: Bring various choices for bras or spanks to find the best fit for your dress.
Shoes: Essential for hem adjustments. The hem should be a tad off the floor or touch the top of your shoe when standing. Mention if you’ll be walking on grass, as it may require a shorter hem.

4. Communication is Key

Express Preferences: If you don’t like how something sits on the dress, communicate it to your fitter. Don’t assume they’ll notice and address it.

Comfort Matters: If something feels uncomfortable during the fitting, it will likely be even more bothersome on your wedding day.

5. The Importance of Snugness

Slight Snugness: It’s advisable to have the dress slightly snug during the first fitting. Dresses tend to expand as you wear them, much like a pair of jeans.

6. Perfecting Your Bridal Look

Accessories: Bring your accessories to the fitting to see how they complement the dress.

Hair and Makeup Trial: If possible, coordinate your hair and makeup trial before the fitting to visualize your complete bridal look.

7. Bring Moral Support

Second Set of Eyes: Having someone with you provides an extra set of eyes to ensure you don’t miss any details.

While there’s much more to explore about wedding dress fittings, this overview aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during your first fitting. Approach it with excitement, and let this be a moment where you start to see your bridal vision come to life. Remember, each pin and adjustment is a step closer to the dress of your dreams!

If you have any questions or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.
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