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The Hotline

Struggling with accessories? Not sure if it all goes together?
Questions on how your dress should fit?
Do your mix and match bridesmaid dresses work together?

The Hotline is designed to help you at any stage of your wedding planning
to answer these questions and any other fashion related issues that come up.

Virtual Styling consultation

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  • Complete the 5 minute questionnaire so we understand the issue.
  • Zoom with your expert and gain the clarity you need.
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Perfect for when you have specific questions or problem that you are trying to solve. Common topics are:

  • Pulling your look together: Wedding day style and accessory advice
  • Do my mix and match bridesmaid dresses go together?
  • The best undergarment solutions for your dress
  • Fitting issues: troubleshooting common problems and questions that arise
  • Deciding between two dresses
  • Anything fashion related that you are struggling with and need an expert to run it past

The Hotline is Level 1 of our Virtual Styling services.

“Julie’s ability to take the brides inspiration and translate it to an actionable style plan is invaluable. Once I met Julie, I knew she was the one to bring my style vision to fruition. She was able to articulate my style from the vary start, and she quickly put wheels in motion to manifest my vision into my real life custom wedding dress.”

– Margie


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