I loved how you really kicked off the process by listening closely to my perspective, how I felt about my current dress, and why I wanted to change it. I felt like you listened really well and that helped a lot in coming up with a plan for how we would start the search over again.

You were instrumental in helping me set up appointments and work your connections with these stylists to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.

And above all, I really appreciated your candor and input on every dress I put on. I never felt like you were trying to “please” me, if that makes sense. I felt like you were trying to be as honest as possible given what I had told you about what I wanted, to ensure I ended up with exactly the dress I had envisioned for myself. You were focused on making sure my vision became a reality, and offered so much great input and morale support along the way.

There’s something different about working with a wonderful stylist like you, because I knew that all of your opinions were truthful. Sometimes I feel like family and friends want to like every dress because they want to be so supportive, which is so sweet, but it can be so helpful to have an objective and extremely knowledgeable person there to give real opinions and help me navigate what can be a very overwhelming process.

On my wedding day, I felt like a queen 😀 I really felt so beautiful and proud to show off my dress to every one. And more importantly – I felt truly comfortable and like “me”. Just a much prettier version than day-to-day me 🙂