What did you find most helpful or valuable about working together? Tell us about your experience:)

So many things – I’ll list of a few of the top thoughts!

  1. Relationships throughout the bridal world: We were able to get appointments at all the top spots in NYC on very short notice thanks to Julie’s connections – this was especially critical for my process because I only had about 4 months to choose, order, and fit a wedding gown (oops). Julie also introduced me to a super skilled dressmaker who made me a custom outfit in just 3 weeks when I came up short on ready-to-wear options for our welcome party.
  2. Years of expertise: Julie was able to make suggestions about the construction of my gown that I would have never thought of, because she knows bridal so well. Things like how long a bodice should be, whether you need a slip, how certain colors will look in the sunlight… these little details matter and I felt so much more confident knowing that Julie was thinking through them on my behalf.
  3. Someone to advocate for you: It’s so nice to have someone on your side, asking the tough questions that you might not feel comfortable pushing on.

How I felt on my wedding day:

Totally covered – I never worried about getting dressed because I knew it would be handled by absolute professionals….the TSB team were SO incredibly on top of things, and super sweet as well. All my outfits and my husbands outfits (10 looks across 4 days) were perfectly unpacked, steamed, and repacked for us. I had one particularly tricky dress, a red sequin number that literally had to travel in bubble wrap because it was so delicate. The sequins fell off constantly and I was worried the dress would have “bald spots” after traveling. The TSB team showed up with extra replacement sequins that they had HAND MADE to perfectly match my dress.