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Becoming a beach bride is a dreamy endeavor that promises sun-drenched ceremonies, salty breezes, and the ethereal backdrop of the ocean waves. If you’re planning a coastal celebration, this one’s for you! In this blog, we share everything you need to know about being a beach bride and embracing the role with style, grace, and a touch of seaside magic.
How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress:

Choosing the perfect wedding dress for a beach wedding involves thoughtful consideration of both style and practicality. A beach setting brings a unique ambiance, and your dress should complement the relaxed and natural surroundings. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the ideal beach wedding dress:

1. Consider the Fabric

Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as chiffon, organza, or lightweight lace. These materials will flow gracefully in the ocean breeze and keep you cool in warmer temperatures.

2. Mind the Length

Choose a dress with a shorter hemline or a flowing, ethereal train. A shorter dress or a high-low hemline allows you to navigate the sandy terrain with ease and prevents your dress from dragging.

3. Simple Silhouettes Shine

Embrace simplicity with A-line, sheath, or mermaid silhouettes. These styles are elegant yet practical for the beach, offering both comfort and a flattering fit.

4. Barefoot-Friendly Hemlines

Many brides-to-be ask us if beach brides wear shoes. We always recommend considering the option of going barefoot or wearing sandals for comfort and practicality. A dress that gracefully sweeps the sand without dragging too much is ideal. High slits or asymmetrical hemlines can also add a touch of flair while keeping the dress practical.

5. Boho and Relaxed Styles

Bohemian-inspired dresses or those with relaxed and flowy designs are perfect for a beach wedding. Think off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps, or even a beautiful halter neckline that adds a touch of boho chic.

6. Avoid Heavy Embellishments

Limit heavy embellishments and intricate details, as they may be clumsy in a beach setting. Opt for dresses with minimal beading, embroidery, or sequins to keep the look light and breezy and avoid catching on your hair, veil or even guest’s clothes in the sea breeze.

7. Play with Color

While white is a classic choice, beach weddings also offer the opportunity to explore subtle hues like blush, champagne, or even a soft blue. Consider a color that complements the natural beach surroundings and suits your personal style.

8. Backless or Open-Back Designs

Choose a dress with a backless or open-back design to add a touch of allure and keep you cool. This style also complements the carefree and romantic atmosphere of a beach wedding.

Essential Accessories for Beach Brides:

When it comes to a beach wedding, the right accessories can elevate your look from beautiful to breathtaking. Beach brides have the unique opportunity to infuse their ensemble with a touch of seaside glamour. Here are the essential accessories that will complement your beach bride aesthetic and ensure you’re both stylish and practical on the day.

1. Seashell or Floral Headpieces

Enhance your beachy look with a seashell or floral headpiece. Whether it’s a simple flower crown, a starfish-adorned tiara, or a seashell-studded hairpiece, these accessories add a touch of natural beauty and whimsy to your hairstyle.

2. Sunglasses

Shield your eyes from the bright sun and add a dash of glamour with stylish sunglasses. Choose a pair that complements your dress and overall aesthetic. Not only do they make for great photo opportunities, but they also serve a practical purpose under the sun’s rays. We love heart-shaped sunglasses for a playful touch!

3. Flowing Veils or Capelets

Maintain a touch of traditional bridal elegance by incorporating a flowing veil or capelet into your beach bride look. Opt for lightweight fabrics that catch the breeze and create stunning visual effects in your photos.

4. Statement Earrings

Let your accessories do the talking with a pair of statement earrings. Choose designs that reflect the beach theme, such as nautical knots, bohemian tassels, or colorful gemstones, or go for timeless classics like pearls.

5. Beachy Clutches or Handbags

A small, beach-themed clutch or handbag is not only a stylish accessory but also a practical one. Use it to carry essentials like sunscreen, a hand fan, or even your vows. Opt for designs that match the beach aesthetic, such as woven or fringed clutches. You could even consider a personalized clutch with your initials or wedding date for a unique keepsake of your beach wedding.

6. Hats or Sun Hats

Provide shade while exuding sophistication with a stylish hat or sun hat. Not only do they offer practical sun protection, but they also add a chic and timeless element to your beach bride look. Consider a wide-brimmed hat for a touch of glamour.

7. Bouquet Alternatives

Swap the traditional flower bouquet for a more beach-appropriate alternative. Choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for a beach wedding involves selecting flowers and arrangements that complement the seaside setting and enhance the overall aesthetic of your coastal celebration. Some of our favorite combinations include:

Dusty Miller and Eucalyptus Bouquet: Opt for a soft and romantic bouquet by combining dusty miller and eucalyptus with white or pastel blooms. These foliage choices add texture and a touch of bohemian charm, perfect for a beach wedding.

Sunflowers: Bring a burst of sunshine to your beach wedding with a cheerful sunflower bouquet. Sunflowers are vibrant, resilient, and perfectly suited for the carefree and laid-back atmosphere of a beach celebration.

Wildflowers: Embrace the natural beauty of the beach with a wildflower bouquet. Opt for a mix of seasonal wildflowers in various colors for a rustic and bohemian look that complements the coastal environment.

Beach Grass and Proteas: Incorporate beach grass and protea flowers for a unique and textured bouquet. These elements add a touch of coastal charm and bring a sense of the beach into your floral arrangement.

What is the best hairstyle for a beach wedding?

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for a beach wedding involves considering the natural elements of the seaside setting—wind, sun, and possibly humidity. The ideal beach wedding hairstyle strikes a balance between looking effortlessly chic and being practical for the environment. Remember to consider your personal style, the formality of your wedding, and the specific beach conditions when choosing your hairstyle. Additionally, a trial run with your hairstylist is recommended to ensure that the chosen style complements both your overall look and the beach wedding environment.

Here are some of our favorite hairstyles that we love for a beach wedding:

Beach Waves

Embrace the relaxed and tousled look with beach waves. This effortless hairstyle complements the laid-back vibe of a beach wedding and works well with the wind, creating a natural, windswept aesthetic. You can achieve beach waves with a curling wand, braids, or salt spray.

Loose Updo or Messy Bun

Opt for a loose updo or a messy bun to keep your hair off your shoulders and neck, especially if you’re tying the knot on a warmer day. This style is elegant yet practical, and it withstands the elements while maintaining a romantic feel.

Natural Curls

Embrace your natural curls for a carefree and romantic beach wedding hairstyle. Use anti-frizz products to keep your curls defined, and let them fall naturally. This style works well with the beach ambiance and adds a touch of authenticity.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about being a beach bride, it’s time to weave together the essential elements and aesthetics that make your bridal style vision come to life. Picture yourself as that effortlessly radiant and confident beach bride you’ve been daydreaming about – it’s your time to shine!

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