1) What made you decide you needed help pulling your wedding day look together?

Lack of time, lack of confidence in my own ability to pull it all off together and look appropriate but also fashionable, feeling picky in what I like/don’t like and not being quite sure where to go looking for it. I basically knew I wasn’t going to be more knowledgeable or fashion savvy to walk into your office saying more than “ok I can just show you some outfits/clothing I have I like.” I wasn’t even able to say – “these designers are totally me!”

2) What did you find most helpful about working together?

The streamlined shopping sessions. Swinging into stores with you having already pre-shopped, put together outfits – seen the various selection. And also having the instant feedback of “no that wouldn’t quite work” (for the locale, people, presentation). Especially when I started to ask about jewelry or accessories.

3) How did you feel on your wedding day?

I was overwhelmed by emotions on my wedding day but at least I feel like I looked good! I got an INSANE number of compliments on my outfit from everyone from parents’ friends to my own friends in fashion. I managed to impress the heck out of everyone!