1) What made you decide you needed help pulling your wedding day look together?

Planning a wedding can be fun, but also very overwhelming. We felt like we had a lot of ideas for the “look” we wanted, but needed an objective professional eye to help pull it all together. There are also so many style details that can be overlooked, so it was really helpful to have someone to help with the all-important details.

2) What did you find most helpful about working together?

The most helpful aspect about working with Julie was of course, her great sense of style, but also her ability to think of all the moving parts. She helped with not only my look, but also my mother, my sister (Julie arranged to have her dress made and it was beautiful!), my aunt, and all the bridesmaids. She attended our fittings and helped with just the right accessories. Her special talent was to always kept in mind the complete “vibe” of the wedding to ensure it would all flow nicely together. Her relationships in the industry were also incredibly helpful and made the process move very efficiently and stress-free.

3) How did you feel on your wedding day?

Like I was on Cloud 9! It was like a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from!

4) What was the best moment of your wedding day?

There were so many amazing moments! I think it was when my husband and I danced into the unbelievably gorgeous reception room to see the most important people in our lives dancing and cheering for us!

5) What’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to other brides that are planning their wedding?

Stay true to yourself and your taste. The entire wedding should embody you as a couple, don’t try to make it something different than who you are!