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Maddie & J

For gay and transgender couples, the fashion components of the wedding can seem particularly challenging. Some feel that their personality and style aren’t reflected in wedding boutiques, and others say that what they envision for their wedding day just doesn’t exist. Add on the extra layer of who shops first and how to coordinate the looks, you can feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Because of these unique sets of challenges, we absolutely love working on projects like these at The Stylish Bride. There is absolutely nothing more important to us than our clients feeling comfortable, happy and like themselves on their wedding day.

When Maddie and J came to us, they had both already found their main ceremony looks, but were struggling to find others and pull everything together. “We were there to fill the attire gaps and perfect the looks they had already selected,” shares Julie.

J, who identifies as non-binary, was keen to have a “kilt moment” for the pre-ceremony on the wedding day. When they brought the idea up, Julie dove right into finding the best person to make it. “I ended up finding the person who made the kilts in Braveheart, Howie, and commissioned his company Custom 21st Century Kilts to make the white kilt of J’s dreams. “They wore it with a button-down shirt, pearl necklace and black lace-up Celine boots and just totally rocked it,” remembers Julie.

To correspond with J’s kilt moment, Maddie wanted something soft and romantic but still cool. “We showed her a gorgeous Danielle Frankel two-piece, consisting of wide-legged trousers and a bandeau top, which featured a beautiful floral applique on the front. It was the perfect compliment to the kilt ensemble and those looks are some of my absolute favorite photos ever!” Later in the day, while J changed into a Bode look that they had found themselves, Maddie had her pinch-me bridal moment, donning a stunning Chanel two piece that Julie and team racked down for her. Strapless like her pre-wedding look, it featured a silk jersey bandeau top and a two-tiered lace skirt. It was ethereal in its simplicity, and absolutely perfect for her.

Another important element for the couple was that their looks went together appropriately. “We coordinated Maddie’s outfits to go with J’s, and then pulled the accessories and shoes. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We wanted to reflect their unique personalities and find pieces that were indicative of who they are as people but complemented each other too.” They additionally worked with both mothers on their outfits for the weekend and were onsite to make sure the entire thing came together perfectly.





By Shelby Wax

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