Virtual Styling

Your Personalized Blueprint
for Dress Success!

Finding the perfect wedding outfit can be overwhelming. Where should you go? Who should you see? And what should you try on? The experience different for everyone, and incredibly time consuming to figure out. That’s where we come in. We take our 18 years of industry experience and combine it with your personal style to find something that makes you feel great without going crazy looking for it.

The end result: a targeted shopping plan just for you!

“She helped me translate how I knew I wanted to feel in my dress into specific styles and fabrics…which is no easy feat!”

– Brynne


Watch Us In Action

How It Works

Step 1

Get to Know You

The foundation of our work is understanding what makes you feel amazing. To do that, we start by doing a deep dive into what makes you, you. We review photos, study your venue, and do a video call where we ask you targeted questions that complete your profile.

Step 2

Look Book

Using the information we gathered in Step 1, we compile a curated look book with recommendations specifically for you. For wedding dress shopping, we will provide the top three designers that match your style and specific dresses within their collections for you to try on. For all other items such as bridesmaid dresses, accessories or ready-to-wear dresses, you can click directly on the picture in the lookbook to order.

Step 3


Once you have tried on the dresses/items suggested we will review the photos and do a follow up call with you to discuss the options. We will also provide additional recommendations as needed.