Why did you feel you wanted help putting together your wedding fashion?

There are so many stressful elements to putting together a wedding, but I wanted my dress experience to be stress free. I also wanted to make sure my mom had a great experience we can remember for the rest of our lives.

What did you find most helpful or valuable about working together?

We were coming from Canada and would come into New York for small periods of time. It was so great having everything organized for us and also the connection Julie has are priceless. She was able to pull items we would have never seen, make appointments for the times we wanted, give feedback with the sales staff respecting everything she said. We loved having someone who was there with our best interest at heart.

We did go to a few stores before I hired Julie and we felt rushed and stressed out. The experienced with Julie was night and day compared to going on our own.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

I felt like it was all a dream. Every dress I ordered was perfect and I felt very confident not only in the dresses, but in making sure they were all ready to go the day before. I truly believe I would not have found my perfect dress if I did not work with Julie.

If you were to recommend The Stylish Bride to your best friend, what would you say?

Your wedding shouldn’t be just one day of magic. Picking your dress is an experience you will never forget so make it stress free and fun.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working together?

I was super surprised by the connections and respect Julie has in the industry and how she turned on TEAM BRIDE as soon as we would go into the boutiques. She worked with the sales staff, but was always on our team and wanted to make sure we were happy.