I am SO glad to have worked with Julie for my wedding! I can’t say enough positive things about her entire process. She was organized, helpful, and so thorough. Never having met her, going dress shopping for the most important day of your life can be a little awkward. She made it so comfortable. She made all the appointments and handled all communication with the stores, which took so much off of my plate. My expectation was that she would help find my wedding dress and then her job would be done. She exceeded my expectations by so so much! Not only did she help me find two wedding dresses, she helped style my engagement shoot. She walked the streets of New York City in the bitter cold during the entire photo shoot. Anything I needed, she was right there by my side. Not only did she help me a ton throughout my entire wedding process, she helped my mom and sister find their dresses. She saw the entire process through to making sure they fit exactly right. She even got us in to see one of the best seamstress in New York City. Julie spent the entire weekend at my wedding. She and her team were there to help with our bridesmaids, groomsman, and family members. If we needed something pressed or fixed, she was there to make it happen! I still say how it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly if it wasn’t for Julie! She made me feel at ease and calmed my nerves minutes before walking down the aisle. She began my good friend and I couldn’t have done it without her!

Mom’s Testimonial:

Julie was a gem during my daughter’s wedding. Her attention to detail and understanding everyone’s needs was important to us. A week before the wedding, because dress shopping is not my favorite, Julie made it fun and energized me through the streets of NYC to find the mother of the bride dress and dress for the rehearsal dinner. Mission accomplished! (with many breaks for cookies, coffee, and Nello’s!)
I would definitely recommend Julie and her team to anyone who is looking for that extra special touch.