Why did you feel you wanted help putting together your wedding fashion?

As someone who had never once thought about my own wedding dress or wedding style, the thought of launching out on my own to start the wedding dress shopping process seemed very overwhelming. Julie provided peace of mind and an organized, efficient plan to tackle many different vendors and designers to ensure I was able to sample a wide variety of dress styles to really hone in on what I wanted.
I hadn’t originally planned on working with Julie on putting together the wedding fashion beyond that, but quickly realized that her expertise and thoughtful approach was invaluable and a necessity to help sculpt the rest of the weekend’s fashion (including the bridesmaids dresses and a dress of my mother’s).

How did you feel on your wedding day?

I felt like a princess! I truly had my very own “Ladies in Waiting” to help with anything and everything along the way. They (Julie and her onsite team) took such great care when helping me navigate the outside terrain in my dress, made sure I had plenty of water and didn’t have to worry about a single thing all day. They were incredibly calming during a busy and emotional time,, but they also did not feel invasive to the intimate moments inherent to one’s wedding day.

If you were to recommend The Stylish Bride to your best friend, what would you say?

I legitimately started referring to Julie as “The Bride Whisperer” early on in our working relationship. She made the entire process so much easier, and made me feel at ease throughout an otherwise overwhelming and stressful journey. She knows the very best contacts in the business and the red carpet is truly rolled out for her at every stop. She is incredibly knowledgeable about each designer, each season, each silhouette, not to mention her formal education and training at The Fashion Institute of Technology, which serves as a very necessary foundation to grasp the design details that may otherwise go unnoticed. Not only that, I felt like she could completely read my mind with how I felt about each dress I tried on when I wasn’t always able to articulate my thoughts given how overwhelming the process can be. I honestly do not know what we would have done without Julie! In addition, she was incredibly helpful in selecting my bridesmaids dresses, down to the color and cut and even the jewelry and shoes to complete the look.

Julie helped me select and style other outfits for my wedding weekend, and was instrumental in accompanying me to alteration appointments, etc. whenever I needed help. We even searched for the perfect hue of ribbon to replace a dress’s belt that I wasn’t wild about. Just days before my wedding, I still had not found a dress to change into for after-dinner dancing… Julie and I spent hours on a mission to find THE dress, traipsing up and down 5th Avenue in the rain to meet our deadline. She even helped pick up the last minute alterations and brought them with her to the wedding as I had to leave earlier in the week for the wedding destination.

The cherry on top, though, was having Julie onsite during the actual wedding weekend. In addition to having her positive energy, camaraderie, and friendship, she literally saved the day when my mother’s MOB dress was brushed with car grease just before the ceremony. A rather large grease stain soiled her beautiful salmon-pink gown. We panicked! But Julie came to the rescue… she was miraculously able to remove the stain and have my mother on her way as if nothing had happened. Julie (and her team) are incredibly calming and made everyone feel so well taken care of the entire wedding day.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working together?

Julie is such a lovely person, and I walked away from the experience feeling like we had been friends for years! She truly witnesses a very intimate part of the wedding process, from the many dressing room try-ons to being with you and your mother and father before walking down the aisle… she felt like family and made everyone feel at ease. Her participation was truly invaluable – both in the hunt for the perfect wedding dress and outfits beyond that, as well as her involvement onsite so everyone is kept calm and nothing is overlooked.