Julie was always available for us and made our big weekend feel very special because of the extra care she took to help both my daughter and I find the exact right outfit for our long awaited wedding. She understood the issues we were facing because of my taste vs my daughter’s taste and both of us were then able to enjoy this wonderful experience without the stress!

One of the days that we were “shopping” together, we had a big schedule and plenty to do. My daughter did not feel well and started to cry in the middle of trying on possible wedding dresses. As a mother, I began to feel defeated, stressed out and very worried. Julie asked to have some time with the bride and figured out that she was hungry, scared and overwhelmed and so we immediately took a break and went to lunch. After that break we had an entirely different bride who felt better both physically and mentally and we went about our busy schedule – albeit adjusted to accommodate the future bride. This flexibility “in that moment” made a huge difference in the success of the day and built our confidence in Julie even more that she understood our situation very well and was able to respond so quickly and avoid a problem!

I felt that instead of hiring a business consultant, we had made a new friend!