Thanks to ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, I feel like a large percentage of the bride-to-be demographic expects that the search for the perfect wedding dress as one that involves tears, stress, and even drama! While I am easy going by nature, I certainly had a bit of anxiety about the prospect of having to find a dress–especially because I live in Montana and would be dress shopping in NYC and therefore did not have the luxury of getting to try on couture dresses every weekend! And yes, because of that TV show, I was worried that if I invited too many opinions, my own sense of ‘the perfect dress’ for ME would become more and more unclear, so I was hesitant to include anyone besides my mother in the process. But with my career placing limitations on the number of weekends I could travel east, I knew I would have to find a dress in a New York minute.

Enter: JULIE SABATINO! When my mom and I found out that there is a woman whose job is to make this process easy, stress-free and efficient, we leapt at the chance to see how The Stylish Bride could help us make the most of our shopping trip to New York City. And thank GOODNESS we did! Following detailed phone interviews about the styles I like, the types of clothes I wear, my body type and everything else in between, Julie expertly selected dresses from some of the top designer boutiques in the city that she felt fit my taste and had appointments all set up for me when I got into town with the dresses waiting in the changing room. It’s no surprise, then, that with her help I was able to find a dress within two days and, through some great collaboration with the talented team at Mark Ingraham Atelier, transform it into the dress of my dreams.

Julie has an encyclopedic knowledge of the various wedding styles that have hit the runway over the past decade and a wonderful eye for detail–not to mention a wonderful sense of style. Further, her vast network of friends and associates in the wedding industry make her an invaluable teammate when you need to reschedule an appointment at the last minute or you need to find out if a dress can be modified based on the way it was made and person who designed it. Put simply, Julie made this process so seamless and fun–thus eliminating any misgivings I may have had about trying to find the perfect dress in New York when I live 2200 miles away! I would recommend her to anyone who feels that the process is daunting or anyone who wants an objective third party opinion as you make the very exciting decision as to what dress you want to wear on your wedding day (and throughout the weekend). She is a consummate professional (with an incredible team) and provides amazing support from the day you try on your first dress to the day you say “I do”… and beyond! 10/10 would recommend!