The gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, my CUSTOM yellow Naeem Khan, over the top Oscar dress, and playful Naeem fringe dress are ALL attributed to you. It was your vision and amazing taste that brought all of this together, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I know I may have been a little snappy as it got down to the wire on Sunday, but your calm and graceful demeanor kept it all under control!

You have become much more than a stylist to our family, and I’m just sorry we live 3,000 miles away. Next time you are in the Bay Area please let us know so we can host you for dinner, or a weekend if we’re lucky!

We love you and I will always be so grateful for everything you did to pull our wedding weekend off in the absolutely stunning manner that YOU did!

From Margaret:

Julie you are THE BEST and the best decision I ever made with respect to this wedding. I have never received so many compliments in my life. Oh if I could only take those compliments I received on everything I wore and put them in a jar and on certain days, read them and then re-live those moments. I cannot express to you how much I valued everything you did for me, for Anjuli, for Natasha and for the bridesmaids. Kapil was also singing our praises. Please ask me if you ever want a testimonial or cut and paste these remarks! From the beginning of this process to the end, it was a pleasure to be in your company and to hear your opinions and advice. The day we had the fitting in New York with Peter, I was so grateful for all of your suggestions to him. Your attention to detail is outstanding. How could we have ever done what we did without you? Eleven bridesmaids in jewel tones in a dress that flattered everyone??? Near miraculous.