January 30, 2019

Are you dress shopping and not sure what you need to bring with you to the stores? Do you want your dress shopping experience to run as smooth as it can? Our host Julie has been professionally dress shopping for 15 years so we can trust her!

Today Julie will discuss five things you have to have with you when you are dress shopping. One of them being is a must have, but the rest will make your life a whole lot easier. Join us today as we discover the tricks Julie has learned over the years.

Show Highlights:

  • Underwear is the number one thing you need to have with you
  • Nude underwear is a big bonus so you do not see through the dress
  • Decide if you’re a person who feels comfortable changing in front of others
  • Spanks and dress shopping
  • Coverage for your chest
  • Make sure your phone is charged for photos and bring a wireless charger
  • Snacks like nuts to help you keep going
  • Bring a robe so you have something to cover with
  • Hair ties from KITSCH
  • Travel Jewelry kit, to organize your jewelry and keep it safe
  • Pouch for all the information you will receive
  • Makeup eraser that can help take makeup off dresses (The white one)