February 13, 2019

Wedding dressing services can easily be perceived as excessive and unnecessary, but often there are details that get overlooked and unaccounted for that only a professional can seamlessly handle.

In today’s episode, Julie Sabatino shares behind-the-scenes testimonies on the complexity of weddings, common complications that require professional help, and who wedding dressing services would be the most beneficial for. Tune into this episode of The Stylish Bride with Julie Sabatino for more tips on how to ensure your wedding day is as tranquil and magical as possible.

Show Highlights:

  • Finding someone with a non-biased opinion on your wedding dress
  • Hiring individuals that will create a luxurious experience
  • Why dressing services are valuable
  • The benefits of having an expert on hand during your wedding day
  • Having someone to shadow the bride during photos
  • Common complications with bustles
  • How dressing services benefit bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Having a seamstress on hand to relieve stress
  • Being a need anticipator and providing solutions
  • Who a dressing service would best benefit
  • The importance of having a professional to deal with delicate dresses
  • How dressing services provide a level of security and comfort
  • Managing dresses with complicated and intricate bustles
  • Insuring the bride has the best time on her wedding day