January 8, 2019

Does wedding dress shopping make you feel overwhelmed, or maybe you
don’t even know where to begin to find a dress? So many couples get
engaged over the holidays, so now it is time to start finding a dress.
Today’s guest is a wedding dress expert, and here to help!

Mark Ingram from Mark Ingram Atelier is a true tastemaker and icon in
the industry. It is January and it is peak season on Wedding dress
shopping. On one of the first podcasts you can hear all about what you
need to consider before going wedding dress shopping, so go back and
listen to it, if you haven’t already. Join us today as Mark dives into
the nitty-gritty so you can understand as a bride, the process of
shopping for a wedding gown.

Show Highlights:

  • How you should asses your budget
  • The old fashioned rule of 10% of wedding cost goes to the dress
  • How you define a couture wedding dress
  • Why wedding dresses cost what they do
  • An opening price point for a beaded dress
  • How an average bride can find out more information on dress shopping
  • How social media manipulates the view and thoughts on wedding dresses
  • Average price of wedding dresses
  • Why wedding dresses take the length of time to order that they do
  • When you should start shopping for your wedding dress, and have fittings
  • Mark’s process on costs when buying a wedding dress
  • How the fitting process can make it or break it