The New York Experience

My clients fly in from around the world to shop with me in New York. The reason? Simple…New York is New York!

I’ve spent eleven years cultivating an expertise in all there is to know about wedding-related fashion in New York. I know all of the ins and outs, know how to navigate the grand dames of bridal couture and where all of the hidden gems are. From industry secrets, to garment district showrooms, and estate jewelry dealers, I have a dossier of resources to craft a custom look for you. It all boils down to one thing: access.

For each bride, I develop a customized itinerary to your perfect day in New York. I book all of the appointments with my preferred consultant at each store who I know will understand your style. Before arriving at each salon, I speak with them about you and your wedding so they are familiar with you when we arrive.

What matters to me is that my brides enjoy a spectacular and productive experience in New York City. I have no stake in which dress you choose, other than it is THE dress. I want you to leave excited about and empowered by the choices you’ve made, thrilled with our adventure.