I had never set foot in a bridal salon before I was engaged, but I had a vision that it would be just like in the movies. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Yes, it started out being fun and exciting going all around New York City looking for “my” dress. Until I found nothing I really liked. I travelled a lot for work, which left me with a limited amount of time to look. And to top it all off, my mother who was purchasing the dress, had a completely different idea of what I should wear. I searched for someone to help me, who could listen to what I wanted, look at my body type, mediate between my mother and me and understand my wedding. She did not exist.

So I decided to become her.

In 2002, shortly after I was married, I left my job in the Investment Bank at Citi and enrolled at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I graduated eager to be in the bridal industry, and went to work at the Amsale boutique on Madison Avenue. While there, I was exposed to hundreds of brides. I noticed a common theme: every bride is nervous about how she is going to look on her wedding day. I sympathized with them because I had just gone through that myself, and I realized that I was able to give them confidence that THEIR choice was the right one. It was then I knew that this was my path to follow.

For the last eight years, I have dedicated myself to knowing everything there is to know about wedding fashion for my brides. I attend bridal market each season, study the trends, know every designer and who they design for, and continuously cultivate relationships with every possible source my clients could need to make their wedding look a reality.

And along the way, I’ve been able to build a business that I love connecting with and supporting remarkable women.